Protects 4 rugs or more
Easy to fit
Clean and tidy rugs
Easy to transport
Travel bag

The modern horse of the twenty-first century has an extensive wardrobe of rugs for all seasons and weather conditions. The average horse today has up to twelve rugs each, this results in a cluttered tack room especially if you own more than one horse.

Rugs are not cheap, they are an investment and need looking after. Keeping your rugs in a Rug Bag ensures they stay clean and dry, keeps your tack room looking tidy and ensures longevity. No more damp, stained or damaged rugs.

The Original Rug Bag is patent pending, has been rigorously tested and will protect your rugs from dust, dirt, hay, straw, bird droppings, spiders and cobwebs etc. We are proud to say that our Rug Bag is made in Britain using strong, waterproof and breathable fabric which will protect four rugs or more depending on layering. It also doubles as a travel bag which can be rolled or folded for transport making them easily manageable if you’re travelling away from home.

Our Rug Bag has been designed to fit over most rug rail systems used in the United Kingdom and also in many other European countries.


Rugs without & with the Rug Bags…
Rugs without Rug Bags at home Rugs with Rug Bags at home
The Rug Bag folded for transport…
Rug Bag folded Rug Bag folded

LineSee how to roll your Rug Bag for travel and
how to fit your rug into your Original Rug Bag here


The Original Rug Bag will revolutionise your tack room by not only keeping your rugs clean but making it look smart and tidy.
It is what we have been waiting for to protect our expensive rugs and to help them last longer.


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