The Rug Bag

What is it?The Rug Bag in RedThe Rug Bag in Blue

The Rug Bag is a protective cover for your rugs whilst hanging on a rug rail. Protecting up to four rugs depending on layering. It also doubles as a travel bag.

Size Guide

LineSmall: 11.2hh to 14hh ( 4’9″ to 5’3″)
Medium: 14hh to 16hh (5’6″ to 6’0″)
Large: 16hh to 17hh (6’3″ to 6.9″)
1 x Rug Bag should protect up to 4 rugs depending on layering.
e.g 1 x Heavy Weight, 1x Medium Weight, 1 x Light Weight, I x Fleece/Cooler.
We advise you play around with the layering to find out which works best for you as it depends on the thickness of rug from individual rug manufacturers.Line


How does it work?The Rug Bag in blue side view The Rug Bag in Red side view

It works by completely covering your rugs. It has an integral strap to prevent rugs from slipping, keeping them securely fixed in place when on the rug rail and during transport.


Special featuresThe Rug Bag features 1 The Rug Bag feature 2

Waterproof / Breathable fabric
Lightweight / Strong
Integral strap
Heavy duty zipThe Rug Bag features 3 The Rug Bag features 4
Reinforced handles
Hook / Loop fastenings
Travel bag


The Original Travel Rug Bag

The Rug Bag has been designed for use both on a rug rail and for transport. It can be rolled or folded (your choice) and has reinforced handles. We recommend that no more than two rugs are carried/transported at one time.

The Rug Bag folded The Rug Bag in blue folded The Rug Bag Folded front view

Fitting and care instructions

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Place and securely hang your rug/s over a rug rail. Undo zip and webbing straps, then place your rug/s into the bottom of the Rug Bag and slip over your rug/s (like a duvet cover) until Rug Bag covers your rug/s. Close zip and secure webbing straps around the rug rail. Undo the integral buckled strap inside the flap and thread through the chest straps of your rug/s ( as illustrated in cut away diagram) which shows the integral strap in place. Close the flap and secure with the hook and loop fastenings.

Diagram shows rug/s covered by the Rug Bag, straighten and tidy your Rug Bag then seal the top and sides of the flap by the hook and loop fastenings. The diagram illustrates the back view of the Rug Bag and shows the carrying handles for transporting your Rug Bag. Lay your covered rug/s in the Rug Bag on the ground (the front of the Rug Bag facing upwards). Then either fold or roll your Rug Bag until the handles meet (as illustrated). For best results we do not recommend that you carry/transport more than two rugs at one time.


How to care for your Rug Bag

Looking after your Rug Bag will significantly increase its lifespan. If your breathable waterproof Rug Bag loses its water repellency, it will suffer a severe reduction in its ability to breathe. This will lead to a build up of condensation on the inside of the Rug Bag which may lead to the contents of your Rug Bag going mouldy

If your Rug Bag needs cleaning please wash it on a gentle cool 40 degree cycle with a short spin. You can use an household detergent, but it must be a non-bio or use a specialist product. After drying in the shade for best results reproof with a specialist product.Care symbols


How will I know the Rug Bag will fit my rug rail?

The Original Rug Bag has been designed to fit on and around rug rails that measure from: Height; 71cm/28 inches to 117cm/46 inches. Projection; 71cm/28 inches to 94cm/37 inches. We have listed for you the different types of rug rails available to the domestic market in the UK. They vary in shape and size but the Rug Bag has been designed to allow for those differences. Please make sure before you purchase a Rug Bag that you have checked the measurements of your rug rail to ensure the Rug Bag will fit.

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